New Real Black Drive System - Ensures correct black level to produce more natural pictures and the industry leading exceptional 4000:1 contrast ratio
Super Real Gamma Correction Circuitry - Optimizes luminance gradation within a scene, providing far better reproduction of low-light elements. Reproduces 1,536 shades of gradation with analog connection and up to 2,048 shades using the optional TY-42TM4D DVI terminal board providing a DVI based digital RGB connection.
C.A.T.S. (Contrast Automatic Tracking System) - Automatically senses the ambient light conditions and adjusts the brightness and gradation accordingly. Provides the best possible picture contrast for each operating environment. This feature also helps reduce power consumption and minimize phosphor aging.
New Deep Front Glass Filter
10 Bit digital processing
Dual Picture display
9-point digital zoom
Mach Digital Contour Enhancer improves sharpness
Three interchangeable multi-function slots
Front button menu control
265W Low Power Consumption and Energy-saving Functions