Super Real Gamma System - Optimizes luminance gradation within a scene, providing far better reproduction of low-light elements and reproduces 1,536 shades of gradation
New Phosphors & New Front Glass Filter - Greatly improves the color purity of blues and reds (also a weakness in conventional plasma displays) and improves contrast ratio under lighting condition by 80%.
Bounded Cell Structure HD panel - Dramatically improves brightness level by more than 40%.
3:2 Pull-Down - Automatically detects a 3:2 film-based source, and then uses stillimage processing for each individual image to achieve clear, smooth-flowing images.
C.A.T.S. (Contrast Automatic Tracking System) - Automatically senses the ambient light conditions and adjusts the brightness and gradation accordingly. Provides the best possible picture contrast for each operating environment. This feature also helps reduce power consumption and minimize phosphor aging.
Optional RGB Active-Through Terminal Board - Enables simple and easy connection when you set up a multi-screen display. (Available soon)
Real Black Drive System - ensures correct black level to produce more natural pictures and acheives greater than 3000:1 contrast ratio
Advanced Plasma AI (Automatic brightness Intensifier) - for 70% increase in peak brightness thus greater dynamic range and longer useful panel life (545cd/m2 panel brightness)
Expanded H & V frequency range - fH: 15.6 - 110 kHz; fV: 24-120 Hz
Expanded Computer and Video Signal Compatibility - 480i/p, 575i/p, 720p, 1080/60i, 1080/50i, 1080/24p/24sf
3 Dimensional Progressive Scan Processing - optimized interlace to progressive performance for clear and blur free moving pictures
Optimized color balance - asymmetrical red, green and blue phosphor cell structure makes whiter, brighter whites and combined with a special color filter in the front panel makes it possible to deliver color accuracy to match the level of the HDTV broadcast standards
Improved moving picture performance - reduces noise in movement and moving objects
User friendly packaging - compact dimensions, only 3.9" thick, with a thin bezel and optional hardware make it easy to mount on the wall, place on a table, suspended from the ceiling or on a stand in the center of a room
10-bit Digital Processing - reproduces more than 1 billion colors
Light weight (99 lbs.) with removable handles makes it relatively easy to handle and mount
Low power consumption of 530 Watts (best for 1366 x 768 PDP)
BNC connections for all video inputs (S-video on standard 4-pin din)
Front Button Menu Control
3 Different Dual Picture Modes
9-Point Digital Zoom
Various Energy Saving Functions
Multiple Screen Saver Functions
Multi-Function Slots and Optional Plug-In Boards.