The TH-42PWD7UY comes standard with PC Input, Audio Input (for PC), Serial Control (RS-232C) Input, BNC Component Video/RGB Input and Audio Input, BNC Composite Video Input, BNC Composite Video Output, S-Video Input, and Audio Input (for Video). There is an available slot for an optional terminal board. Or, you can remove the standard boards and mount up to three optional boards.

Up to 4,000:1 contrast ratio - New Real Black Drive System provides deeper, richer blacks and enhances image clarity and realism
2,048 shades of gradation - New Super Real Gamma System provides superior performance at brightness levels where the human eye sees best
Full time 3.62 billion (maximum 8.52 billion) displayable colors
10% brighter images - New Multi-Facet Asymmetrical Configuration Hyper-Pixel (MACH) Panel features bounded cell structure to improved light-emitting efficiency and intensity
60,000-hour panel life - New MACH Panel boasts a long service life of 60,000 hours
852 x 480 resolution
16:9 widescreen aspect ratio
Over 160 degree viewing angle
Flexible A/V and IT system configurations - composite, component, RCA, BNC, PC, RGB, SDI, HD-SDI, HDMI, DVI-D w/HDCP, Twisted-Pair Cable, and wireless presentation terminal boards available
Adaptive Gain Control - raises contrast while suppressing noise by detecting and boosting only the image edges, resulting in high contrast and high signal/noise ratio
Motion Picture Noise Disturbance Reduction - detects motion patterns that tend to generate noise and makes adjustments to maximize image quality without diminishing the quality of stationary background objects
3D Color Management System - reproduces vibrant colors and natural skin tones
Active Interlace/Progressive Conversion System - reduces interlace to progressive conversion noise that often occurs when reproducing tiny movements, resulting in better vertical resolution.
Dual Picture Mode - simultaneously display images from two different sources in Picture And Picture, Picture Out Picture, and Picture In Picture modes
4x Digital Zoom - divide the screen into zones and enlarge images up to 400%
Built-In Video Wall Processor - set up 2x2, 3x3, or even 4x4 multi-screen plasma walls
Enhanced Screen Saver Functions - White Bar Scroll, Screen Reversal, Side Panel Adjustment, Wobbling, Peak Limit Mode
Newly developed phosphor boosts resistance to static-image burning to the same level as CRT displays
Energy-Saving Functions - Display Power Management Signaling, Auto Power Off, Power Save Mode, Standby Power Save Mode
Fanless Quiet Operation
Host of stands and mounting options available
Touch-screen capability available
Networked MPEG-2 player available
Plug-in computers available