The WV-CF284 Series of compact dome cameras from Panasonic are equipped with a newly-developed high performance DSP that provides better image quality. Adaptive Black Stretch technology transforms dark areas into crisp images like those seen by the human eye. The WV-CF284 also offers easy installation with its three-way hinge that allows horizontal, vertical and swivel rotation; and a monitor output terminal for on-site adjustments. The WV-CF284 Series can be used at a variety of sites including offices, retail stores, restaurants and shopping malls.

Adaptive Black Stretch
Horizontal resolution of 540 TV lines in color mode
Minimum illumination intensity of 0.9 lux (0.09 fc) in color mode
Ease of installation with versatile three-way hinge
2x Variable Focal Lens (2.8 ~ 6mm)
Simple Day/Night Feature (Chrominance signal is removed to achieve B/W image (no IR filter shifting))