Fabio Comana, Exercise Physiologist
Laurie Cingle, Program Director
Keiichiro Fukabori, Golf Pro
Tony Klatt, Doctor of Chiropractic
Jane DelRoss

What the fitness experts are saying

Fabio ComanaThe Core Trainer is more likely to attract individuals than conventional balls and machines. The core trainer is an interactive piece of equipment that allows for progressive increases in intensity for the core that are harder to achieve using alternative methods.

- Fabio Comana, Exercise Physiologist and ACE-certified Personal Trainer

Laurie CingleI'm absolutely thrilled with my Core Trainers! I have about 100 members using them regularly. There's no problem adding 15 minutes to their workouts to build core strength. Our users' ages range from young to elderly.

- Laurie Cingle, Program Director, Club Northwest

Top-class Tour-Pro, on Golf and Using the Core Trainer
My first impression when I got on the Core Trainer was that I could really feel my muscle strength developing, especially in my abductors. It was then that I realized how important my abductors are to my swing and that previously, they weren't in their best condition.

Fukabori Golf SwingFrom my own experience, over the years, I've come to understand the importance of keeping my swing consistent by stopping with my body's core (the torso and hips), and not with my lower body. I still use my lower body to maintain my swing balance so feel my core has become equally important. Playing four-day tournaments on year-long tours, I find the core-conditioning of the Core TrainerFukabori Joba useful because a strong core leads to good shots and more consistent scores. I always make a point of getting on the Core Trainer when I'm at home, which is fun too, because I use higher speed settings and can study the areas I need to work on and how to improve them on my own. I believe the Core Trainer will be a significant part of my training regime as long as I continue to play golf. And I expect golfers troubled by fatigue, lower back pain or an unstable swing will also find it helpful.

The same goes for younger people, and also a good way for seniors to offset any lower back pain. I intend to put my Core Trainer to full use to lower my scores, and I certainly hope others will give it a try as well.

- Keiichiro Fukabori, Japanese Professional Golfer

Chiropractor finds Core Trainer a Welcome Addition to his Home and Practice
I first learned about the Panasonic Core Trainer in Dallas, Texas at a trade show. My wife and I are both involved in the chiropractic profession and we go to a number of shows each year.

As the days go by, I generally find my back getting stiffer and stiffer from all the uncomfortable chairs we have to sit in. Being at a chiropractic trade show is wonderful, because you have the opportunity to get adjusted by fellow chiropractors, but still, the chairs take their toll.

Well, at first I was slightly amused by the Core Trainer. After all, it kind of looks like a horse saddle and we were in Dallas, Texas! Then I sat down on one to find out what it was all about. The sales rep told me about the purpose of the Core Trainer in toning and building strength in the core muscles that stabilize the spine and it certainly made sense to me. What I really noticed was that, after a short session on the Core Trainer, I felt so much looser and relaxed. The Core Trainer made it possible for me to endure sitting on the uncomfortable seminar chairs without my back tightening up and becoming painful.

By the end of the three day show, I felt I had known the Panasonic crew for years! I became a regular on breaks at the Core Trainer booth. It helped me so much that my wife and I saw the value in purchasing one for our home. I intend to put the Core Trainer in the clinic to use for strength building and stabilizing many of my patients. I'm sure the Core Trainer will quickly pay for itself while we engage patients in therapeutic activities, but more importantly to me, we'll be giving better value and enhancing the chiropractic care that I have been called to deliver in my community.

- Tony Klatt, D.C., Hartwell, GA

Tea and Pony Shop
My elder sister and our 90-year old mother come over every other day for a ride on my Core Trainer we call, "Harry," after my childhood rocking horse. I call my house the "Tea and Pony Shop." My mother rides twice a week and just loves it. My husband says Harry keeps his back limber. I feel much looser and more alive, and my sister, Kate, is losing inches. This machine is really fun! Hi-yo Harry!

-Jane DelRoss, Newport, RI