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Solar canopy to provide approximately 75% of new “Rapid 84” station’s energy needs



Photo courtesy of Kevin Oreck Architect


LOS ANGELES, CA (April 27, 2012) – Panasonic announces United Oil Company has selected its unique HIT Double® solar panels as a canopy to help provide power to the store and its pumps for their new “Rapid 84” gas station in Cerritos, California. Panasonic HIT Double panels are unique because they produce energy from sunlight on both the top surface, like normal solar panels, and also from the bottom surface, from scattered and reflected light. The bifacial solar canopy is expected to provide about 75% of the station’s annual energy needs.


United Oil is a small family-owned company that operates over 125 retail stations in southern California, and is also an authorized distributor of fuels for Shell, ConocoPhillips (76) and Valero. The company emphasizes first class retail facilities with the aim to provide customers with a pleasant buying experience and not just another visit to the gas station.


“We selected Panasonic HIT Double panels because they generate a lot of energy, and in our case, they are the only panel meant to be seen from below, which was really important for this project,” said Jeff Appel, Vice President and CFO of United Oil Company. “We are conscious of our energy usage, and adding solar panels to our stations is a way to save money in operating costs to increase our bottom line.”


The new solar canopy, designed by architect Kevin Oreck, is made up of 252 Panasonic HIT Double® solar panels in an approximately 49.1-kilowatt solar system (44.1-kilowatts AC) that will provide the station with an estimated 72,663-kilowatt hours per year. The canopy will offer protection to customers on rainy days, thanks to a Florian-designed waterproof structure, and will generate energy when the sun is shining.


Noted environmentalist and actor Ed Begley, Jr., a proponent of solar panel systems, is working with Panasonic on a solar panel installation system for his new home in Los Angeles.

“While most people still need gas, they can now can get it from pumps powered by renewable energy sources such as solar panels thanks to Panasonic’s HIT panels,” said Begley, Jr. “It’s all about green – good for the environment and good for the bottom line.”


Panasonic Eco Solutions North America will provide comprehensive renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions to corporate and public sector organizations from the planning and engineering stages through implementation, construction and permanent financing, as well as ongoing system maintenance.


About Panasonic Eco Solutions Company

Panasonic Eco Solutions Company is a unit of Panasonic Corporation of North America, the principal North American subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation (NYSE: PC). The company develops and provides customized and integrated technology-based systems solutions for enterprise customers in a variety of industries, such as sports and entertainment, as well as education.


Panasonic is pledged to practice prudent, sustainable use of the earth’s natural resources and protect our environment through the company’s Eco Ideas Programs. Panasonic was the only Consumer Electronics company to be listed in the top ten brands on the Interbrand Best Global Green Brands 2011 ranking. Follow Panasonic on Twitter @panasonicdirect, and additional company information for media is available at www.panasonic.com/pressroom.


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